Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Searching for a new name

I want to change the name of this application, but i don't find any suitable name for it, so i'm open to any name suggestion.
The reason for name changes is the similarity with nikon Camera Control pro, just matter  of time when Nikon will try to block the NCC name.
I search for a simple name, but not something like CameraRemote or DSLR remote or something similar.


  1. How about Open Camera for Nikon.

    Contains the idea of open source, and also opening the features of the camera.

    1. I like the idea, but i try to avoid to use Nikon name, because the application was made to work with any type of cameras (theoretically) which have mtp or wia support and implemented in application so not limited just to Nikon cameras.

      How i see the started poll about new name it reset vote two times the DigiCamControl and ShutterCommander was in first places but i open to any suggestions.