Sunday, October 7, 2012

Beta release – 0.8.280

In this version are a lot of changes, not all feature are very well tested so may appear some now bugs.
I wan thanks for  testing and for suggestions to  : Billy Baheux, Jyi Offerd, Martin Lopatka, Papp Istvan, Martin Joergensen and all NCC users and testers.

Download :

Change log:
  • fixed memory usage: this is a breaking change. To work with raw files on system should be installed a raw codec like Microsoft Camera Codec Pack  or NEF Codec (after install one of this codec don't forget to restart your computer)
  • command line support, is a separated executable in installation folder CameraControlCmd.exe, and the command line parameters are:
/help                     - this screen
/capture                  - capture photo
/capturenoaf              - capture photo without autofocus
/captureall               - capture photo with all connected devices
/captureallnoaf           - capture photo without autofocus with all                   connected devices
/session session_name     - use session [session_name]
/preset preset_name       - use preset [session_name]
/folder path              - set the photo save folder
/filename filename        - set the photo save file name template
/counter number           - set the photo initial counter
/wait                     - after done wait for a key press
  • refactored time lapse
Normal time lapse (the time lapse it self not that good, but for example enough)

Same time lapse using this settings :

I redesigned the time lapse interface too, for more simple control  and the precision of the capturing fixed now all pictures are captured in same period.

  • progress bar for downloading picture progress
  • button in main window to capture without auto focus
  • option to change in B&W in live view 
  • multiple camera support improved
  • option to disable loading of thumbnails
  • possibility to change capture folder 
  • support for layout in main window
  • tag selector
  • fixed live view for D3x
  • secondary panel for camera advanced options 
  • more layout to display captured photos 
The old/normal layout
With grid view on right
Just grid view no preview

Finally as a summary the main window:


  1. Hi-

    i'm really keen on getting this software to work on my Nikon D40. I'm running Windows 7 64-bit and the software sets up, runs, and detects my camera. However, any operation results in the error:
    "No picture was taken!"
    "The method or operation is not implemented"
    Is this a known bug or is there a work-around? If not, I will volunteer to help troubleshoot and test if there is a proposed fix.


  2. Hello,

    this release seems to be completely broken regarding my D7000. The "Lv" button is not enabled at all and when I take a picture, it is not transferred to the computer and camera freezes showing just "PC" in top-right corner of the status LCD (while normally it shows exposure settings and "PC" instead of ISO).

    Please let me know if you need more testing.

    Michal Kára

  3. Pls. post the log file , i will try to figure out what is the problem

  4. Done, it's in the Bug Reports forum. MK.

  5. regarding my comment above - sorry , I figured out that I had to change the USB setting on the camera. so, now everything seems to work right - except that I have the problem reported above. On acquisition, the shutter triggers as expected, but no files show up on my PC. The folder is created properly, but no image shows up on the screen and no files created.

  6. 2012-10-09 16:25:33,388 [1]DEBUG NCC [(null)] - Application starting
    2012-10-09 16:25:33,406 [1]DEBUG NCC [(null)] - Application verison0.8.280.0
    2012-10-09 16:25:34,186 [1]DEBUG NCC [(null)] - Connection device \\?\usb#vid_04b0&pid_0414#3214827#{6ac27878-a6fa-4155-ba85-f98f491d4f33}
    2012-10-09 16:25:35,581 [6]DEBUG NCC [(null)] - Unknow event code :4008|0
    2012-10-09 16:25:36,449 [1]DEBUG NCC [(null)] - ===========Camera is connected==============
    2012-10-09 16:25:36,449 [1]DEBUG NCC [(null)] - Driver :NikonD40
    2012-10-09 16:25:36,449 [1]DEBUG NCC [(null)] - Name :D40
    2012-10-09 16:25:36,450 [1]DEBUG NCC [(null)] - Manufacturer :Nikon Corporation
    2012-10-09 16:25:40,644 [1]DEBUG NCC [(null)] - Main window capture started
    2012-10-09 16:25:53,692 [1]DEBUG NCC [(null)] - Window command received :All_Close

    1. Hi, you can make a try with this version, if isn't working pls. post the log file again :

  7. Duka-

    Thank you! This version does work!

    I was able to lock it up (CPU at 99%) but I am not sure how I did it - possible clicking around too fast. If I reproduce this error, I will send the logs.

    thanks again!

  8. I'm using a Nikon D70, and the software doesn't seem to detect the camera at all, but Windows does, and the camera is in PTP mode. The version I'm using is 0.8.295 beta.