Saturday, September 8, 2012

Beta release – 0.7.232

Download :

Changelog : 

  • Some D90 related bug fixed
  • Preset editor
  • Preset bracketing (you can use any saved camera preset to capture a series of photos )
  • Updated installer script, on install first remove the older version
  • Disable capture to SDRam option for D40/D50/D60/D70/D80, if i will find a solution for this bug i will put back
  • Option to set focus steps used in live view screen
  • Save live view zoom ration after picture capture
  • Use same file name for jpg and raw file if is possible
  • A very simple image browser, i will improve it in next version


  1. when i use my d80, after the first shoot, the soft say tha my d80 is busy. and i can't see the pic i took. can you help me??

    1. Try this version:

  2. I've been using the software (0.7.232) with a D5000. It works well. It did crash on me when restarting NCC after I had closed the NCC. The camera may have gone to sleep during the time NCC was not running. I restarted the camera and restarted NCC and everything was fine.

    When I get a chance, I'm going to try the focus stacking. I would like to see NCC work with a D600 (my new camera)

    1. THX for testing.
      Try thins version on D600
      i add a experimental support for D600, but i don't have any documentation so i just guessing. Pls. make a try and send me the log file.
      THX again

  3. Hi I have been badly waiting for your updates and for some reason even with the (0.7.232), I can't access the LV button with my D3100. Do think there is anything I can do? or my camera won't support that at all?

    1. Hi, officially(Nikon) the D3100 don't have any support for advanced control like LiveView, but i think it is there but not documented at all and i don't have a D3100 to make some test or/and experiments.

  4. Duka,

    Great tool. I want to use Matlab to run your tool as a part of a GUI. I was wondering how can if you know: the Unix command for using your program and capturing the image.

    Thank you very much,

  5. Hi Istvan,

    a very interesting tool - unforunatly it doesnt work with my d700 and win xp. i've testet it on both of my pc's - its only working without native driver. but nikon transfer and camera control are working ... any idea?

    best regards from austria,

    1. Pls. use latest version and send me a log file (