Saturday, July 21, 2012

How To – Exposure Blending

Exposure Blending is a technique for blending multiple exposures of the same scene into a single image.  This technique involves taking several shots of the same scene or subject with different exposures and then fusing these shots into one perfectly or almost perfectly exposed photo.

This tutorial works with Nikon cameras with live view and NCC version 0.7.165 or higher. I don’t find any good example in my house so i used a souvenir. The goal is to make a well exposed image.

Beta release – 0.7.165


  • Exposure Status indicator
  • Better support for D80 and D300
  • Some device handing code rewrote,  this should improve application stability.
  • Fixed connection problems for some cameras
  • Possibility to use same file name as camera gave to the file, is a option for it in session editor
  • Support for Lightroom auto import, for this option to work, in the settings the option Auto preview, should be disabled.
  • Minor changes in exposure bracketing window