Sunday, August 26, 2012

Cinemagraph and NCC

Yesterday i read about cinemagraph, so i decided to try it. Biggest problem was  i need to take a photo and record a small movie without moving the camera. This isn't  big challenge using tripod, but to be sure, i add record movie features to NCC :) So cinemagraph and NCC do not have much in common, just i want to share my findings.

More about Cinemagraph in wiki : and examples

And a simple but useful  tutorial :

And my first try :
Same thing but using some colors

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Beta release – 0.7.209

Download :

  • Advanced camera multiple camera support
  • Fixed Liveview for D300 and D700 
  • Option to capture photos without downloading to PC
  • Auto rotate capture photo
  • Option to rotate image in a given direction
  • More options for file naming
  • Preset support 
  • Record movie 
Multiple camera support can be started using View menu -> Multiple camera control

To improve multiple camera support you can edit camera name and default session using properties context menu;
The camera name can be used in session to create folder for each connected cameras. 

The movie recording isn't well tested, so if not working pls report it.

Another not solved problem : isn't possible to capture photos in live view mode for D700, i still investigating the problem with help of Philippe Desmedt.

Monday, August 13, 2012

The future of the NCC ...

How i see the beginning phase of this software ended, somehow it is begin used or at least downloaded by the a small group of people and isn't available to many free capture software. This leads me to the conclusion, maybe this software wort to be finished and made it more professional.  I included in this software a lot  features, but is't linked with a decent workflow. Another problem may be the software isn't well tested in other Nikon cameras that D5100, D800 and D80.

So i started this post to discuses about the future/features and the usage of this software, any comment/ideas are welcomed.

My draft plans:

  • find a decent name for this software, current name is almost same like nikon software's name  
  • create a logo for it
  • buy a domain and a site hosting (this only in far future, i don't want to spend money for it)
  • native support for other brand DSLR, there are some already supported via WIA
  • add a simple photo organizer
  • advanced multiple camera support 
  • create  for programmers a C# library, to be used in other application to control cameras
  • translation
  • and of course a lot of bug fixing 

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Beta release – 0.7.186



  • Support for D70s
  • Manual mode for exposure bracketing
  • Capture images direct in PC (without using card)
  • Bulb mode (only for D800 and D4)
The Manual mode for exposure bracketing and the Bulb mode work only if the camera is in [M] manual mode. The Bulb mode can be activated if the camera shutter speed is set to Bulb and hit the Capture button a new windows will be shown:

This function ins't well tested so any bug reports or suggestion are welcomed.

And finally a big thanks for Csaba Gődény help.