Monday, August 13, 2012

The future of the NCC ...

How i see the beginning phase of this software ended, somehow it is begin used or at least downloaded by the a small group of people and isn't available to many free capture software. This leads me to the conclusion, maybe this software wort to be finished and made it more professional.  I included in this software a lot  features, but is't linked with a decent workflow. Another problem may be the software isn't well tested in other Nikon cameras that D5100, D800 and D80.

So i started this post to discuses about the future/features and the usage of this software, any comment/ideas are welcomed.

My draft plans:

  • find a decent name for this software, current name is almost same like nikon software's name  
  • create a logo for it
  • buy a domain and a site hosting (this only in far future, i don't want to spend money for it)
  • native support for other brand DSLR, there are some already supported via WIA
  • add a simple photo organizer
  • advanced multiple camera support 
  • create  for programmers a C# library, to be used in other application to control cameras
  • translation
  • and of course a lot of bug fixing 


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