Saturday, August 25, 2012

Beta release – 0.7.209

Download :

  • Advanced camera multiple camera support
  • Fixed Liveview for D300 and D700 
  • Option to capture photos without downloading to PC
  • Auto rotate capture photo
  • Option to rotate image in a given direction
  • More options for file naming
  • Preset support 
  • Record movie 
Multiple camera support can be started using View menu -> Multiple camera control

To improve multiple camera support you can edit camera name and default session using properties context menu;
The camera name can be used in session to create folder for each connected cameras. 

The movie recording isn't well tested, so if not working pls report it.

Another not solved problem : isn't possible to capture photos in live view mode for D700, i still investigating the problem with help of Philippe Desmedt.

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