Saturday, June 23, 2012

How To – Report bug

Lately i get a lot of bug reports, so i decided to make a post about how i want to looks like this report.

  • avoid to generalize the error, post exact what not working like: live view, bracketing, take photo,  the camera not connecting
  • specify the used operation system (and the service pack if is installed)
  • specify the version of application, this information can be found in about window title.
  • step by step description, how i can reproduce the error
  • the most important attache to the post the log file
  • optional, you can attache some screen shot too
This reports can be posted on!categories/ncc-google-group/bug-report  or send me directly a email.

The log file can be found by opening setting windows, there is the button for "Locate log file" after pressing this button a explorer windows will be open and the log file will be selected.


  1. button live view disable. how to make it enable?

  2. What camera model do you use ? Not all cameras have live support.

  3. My report with nikon D300s (it is not in the list) tested on a Win7 64 bits, all app. settings unchanged, V0.7.157 (test):

    Things OK:
    -Detected ok with battery level.
    -Changing iso, speed, file format, aperture, compensation...
    -Release button focus and then takes the picture.
    -Pictures show ok on strip and magnified.
    -TimeLapse worked ok (but... see below).

    Not working OK:
    -Mode: It always start on "P" mode! It doesn't read it fom camera on start up, nor did it remember my last choice (using just the default profile). Only workaround is to let it start on "P" and then change to "M" on camera, then app detects it and updates ok.

    -Braketing: When pressed on "Take Photo", it changed compensation to -1, focused, fired, previewed a low-res of the first shoot, showed "downloading photo"... freeze. Tested 3 times, same results.

    Note: I thought changing it to "M" mode by my self on camera could be the cause, so tried with proposed "P" mode, and it showed first shoot in hi-res, but then freezed again.

    -LiveView button was enabled but didn't work, camera lcd blinked 2 or 3 times, then nothing. I wasn't unable to activate it on camera while connected via usb, even with the program off, so maybe it is driver related.

    -Focus mode (M/S/C) disabled, can't be changed (it is ok, D300s has a dedicated phisical button for this).

    -Release button, when no focus is acquiered, didn't show any warning. It would be nice!

    -Time lapse start counting the seconds to next shoot just after previous shoot is fully downloaded to PC, this add some 13s or so of extra time on my camera and make time calculations higly inaccurated.

    Thanxs for the effort!

  4. I tried the latest version of your software with my D5100.

    First of all , I'm amazed it works, how come your software works with my 5100 since I tried all the other sofware :

    > Control My Nikon V4.0 does not work, the D5100 is not recognized
    > Camera Control pro from Nikon supposed to work, does not work, the D5100 is not recognized at all.
    > NKremote does not work, the D5100 is not recognized

    I was concluding that I was doing something wrong until I download your software and BOOM ! The image appears on my laptop screen, thank you so much !

    But just to let you know, I tried the liveview to record a video, but it says "invalid status" in the main windows, and the recording does not work.

    1. Hi, thx for testing, pls post the log file, to figure out what is wrong with video recording.

    2. it says "invalid status" when i try to start recording. this wouldnt let me record and thats exactly what I need. Any solution to this problem? thanks