Wednesday, November 7, 2012

New website and wiki

I set up the new home page and a wiki
Home page :
Wiki :

Still is in "development" but not plan any major changes just i need to populate the wiki with information, so any help will be appreciated :)


Saturday, November 3, 2012

Test version - 0.8.326

This release is a test version so don't use in production system just for test.

Download :

Changelog :

  • application name changed to digiCamControl
  • option to specify external viewer 
  • live view redesigned 
  • motion detection in live view, not finished need more testing and fine tuning, you can do more comments and on observation in this thread, thx to FrancisD
  • new application theme, need more fine tuning in some window interface and control placements
  • fixed support for D600, thx to Martin Kessel
  • move live view focus point using keyboard
  • more additional camera property like burst number, auto iso, NR   

You can do any comments using this thread :

I try to conquer the social network to so i made pages for :

Friday, November 2, 2012

New support forum

I set up a new support forum because the google group is almost unusable and to few customization option.
The new forum can be found in this address :

If is any observation or bug report about it please post as message in this post or using this forum post:

For a period both forums will be active if everything will go right i will disable google group.