Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Beta release – 0.7.115


  • Configure camera "Compression Settings"
  • Configure camera "Metering Mode"
  • Configure camera "Focus Mode"
  • Removed reference to Hugin, now all files are included in installation
  • Automatic Full screen preview
  • Enfuse images 
  • Convert raw image to jpg
  • Convert raw image to multiple exposed jpgs

Beta release – 0.7.104


  • Generate “Focus stacked” image using Hugin application **
  • Option to trigger photo taking using keyboard
  • Focus stacking *
  • Web server (it is possible to control the application using a smart phone) ***
  • Fixed Issue 10 : Live view does not work for D300

* Focus staking work only with cameras with live view

** Hugin – Panorama photo stitcher you can download from http://hugin.sourceforge.net/

*** In first start the webserver need to be configured in settings window, after that the application is need to be restarted and you can use any phone or tablet to control the application

Beta release – 0.6.90


  • Zoom preview image using mouse
  • Live view zoom
  • Improved application stability (again)
  • Check for new version on startup
  • Exposure bracketing
  • Check for Xvid video codec when creating TL video
  • Fixed error on startup

Another site ....

If you asked why i started a new site again ?
The short answer is the last one was suspended.
The long answer:  I searched for while a free site provider  to make a support site/blog/forum for NCC. Free because this project is free and opensource and no business attached to it.
First i choice a site hosted by host-ed.net but after i set up a WordPress site and a PhpBB forum, the provider suddenly suspended my account, so i will start again to build a new one, hope i can manage this using google free services.

Another problem it is the name of the application, i try not to use the Nikon Camera Control (it is same name with a nikon application, but without PRO), as long as if find a new name i will use the NCC.