Saturday, July 21, 2012

Beta release – 0.7.165


  • Exposure Status indicator
  • Better support for D80 and D300
  • Some device handing code rewrote,  this should improve application stability.
  • Fixed connection problems for some cameras
  • Possibility to use same file name as camera gave to the file, is a option for it in session editor
  • Support for Lightroom auto import, for this option to work, in the settings the option Auto preview, should be disabled.
  • Minor changes in exposure bracketing window


  1. There is a HUGE need in the Astrophotography community for software just like yours. However, without the ability to take multiple photos in the range of 31 - 600 sec. exposure, it is practically useless. Otherwise, this is teriffic.
    Amny chance you'll be adding custom exposure settings?

    1. I implemented in latest version ( potability to take multiple pictures in bulb mode, but only for D800 and D4. If you or your friends have some of this cameras, some test and feedback are welcomed.

  2. This option mostly isn't depend on me, depend of what type of camera do you use. After reading the documentation some cameras have option to control bulb mode to like D800, but most doesn't have like mine D5100 so somehow it hard to implement without testing..., but i will try to do something usable

  3. Dear Duka, I am using a D80, and my pc Windows 7. The Lv button in the tool bar does not ligh up nor work. Is trhis s bug or my equipment?
    John Fletcher

  4. The D80 hardware isn't support live view trough pc connection

    1. Thank you for your answer. Does this mean that live view on a D80 will not be possible. Between other things, I photograph oil paintings for an artist, and this feature would be very important.