Sunday, October 14, 2012

Beta release – 0.8.295


Change log:

  • Fixed a "show stopper" bug, this bug prevent the captured file to be downloaded to PC, this is the reason for this release.
  • Option for full screen background color
  • fixed no live view option for D7000
  • localization
If somebody want to help translate the application interface, the english file can be downloaded from same file can be found in installation folder /Languages/en-US folder.


  1. Hi Duka,

    I'll make the French traduction as soon as possible. I have the dream to make a tutorial too but I need to have a version more stable so I keep it in mind.

    Thanks for the new version, I'll try to do more test in my week.

  2. I have translated 97% of the Polish translation file

    1. I started a new category in google groups!categories/ncc-google-group/translation
      You can start a new post and upload the translation file
      And THX for helping this project.

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  4. Hello, I am French, I have use Beta release – 0.8.295 with my Nikon d800 and there is a problem... My nikon I don't run normally, there is a bug, hit switch on and off on the lcd of nikon...
    I'm afraid of damaging my Nikon...

    1. Hi, pls provide a log file using support forum, theoretically no way to damage you camera using command software, i don't find any reference about any damage done using usb connection, but in this days newer know, so if you have any doubt pls don't use this software i can't guarantee you camera safety